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Cold Box Evaporator

Sizing your evaporator correctly

For a Fridge – select the evaporator whose maximum fridge capacity is closest to the volume of the insulated box you are refrigerating.  If the plate is too big it will not stay cold enough and will cause condensation making your fridge very wet.
For a Freezer – always select the largest plate possible, you cannot over size a freezer plate.  A true freezer is rated at -18°C or below. (4 star rating).  For a 5 star fast freeze freezer you need to achieve -26°C and below to pull things down to frozen without risk of a temperature rise which could affect existing food in the freezer.
For a combination system the same rules apply as a freezer, specify the biggest plate possible.

Selecting the correct type of evaporator

Box evaporators can be mounted horizontally or vertically, allowing an area to store frozen food and make ice.  Horizontal mounting is ideal for front opening fridges or top opening where the lid does not cover the whole of the box, (leaving a return to mount the plate).

Flat or Plate evaporators are more suited to top loading boxes, especially freezers, combination systems or fridges where the lid reveals the complete box.  They can also be used for front opening fridges where no ice box is required.

Flat plate evaporators can be bent to suit the shape of your insulated box  All our plate evaporators can be bent to suit your insulated box. We will need your box dimensions, size of lid opening and where you wan the pipes to exit and we can then send you a sketch of how we will bend the plate confirming dimensions.

Have you thought about drawer fridges?

Take a look at the Vitrifrigo D20 and D30 drawer fridges. These are packed with features including the ability to run as freezers. For more information email us at [email protected] or call: 02392 453430