Climma Split 17 Quattro Air Conditioning unit


Require 1x condensing set and 1x evaporator, which must match. i.e. Both RC or both EH

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Part Number: Split 17


The Climma Split Quattro 17,000 is specifically designed for marine applications. Perfect for where space is limited, or to reduce the noise in the cabin as the Split system has a separate Compressor and condenser from the air delivery Evaporator, so you can locate the compressor away from the living areas.
Compressor and condensing unit
The compact compressor with high efficiency cupronickel sea water condenser can be sited in the engine room or other engineering space, reducing both the noise and the space required for the air conditioner in the cabin.
Available as reverse cycle or with electrical strip heaters giving you the best solution whether you are cruising in the Tropics or the Baltic
The Evaporator to deliver the conditioned air within the cabin is very low profile with twin blower system to optimise output at the lowest noise levels.
Key features:
• Powerful and rotatable fans
• Pre-wired electrical box
• Brass threaded condensation outlet pipe and Dry Pan Climma system
• Digital climate control using the Climma Vega MK3 controller
For multiple installations with two or more units, a pump relay box is available to control a single sea water pump.

Technical Information

Cooling Capacity Btu/h


Duct Size

2x 100mm

Power Options Available

230V 50Htz

Average Start Current


Max Start Current (LRA)


Run Current (cool mode)


Run Current (heat mode)

RC= 7A EH= 11A

Fitting Suction Line

1/2" SAE Flare 10mm

Fitting Liquid Line

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