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What is a Compact air conditioning unit?

Independent cabin Compact air conditioning units

Climma compact air conditioning units are ideal for smaller installations on sailboats up to 50-60 feet and power boats of 40 foot and below.  They are also the best option when looking to retrofit marine air conditioning or if you want to add ac to a specific area – cooling an IT area or communications room for example.

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Our for more details of the specific units you can download our brochures via the links below:

Compact Marine Air conditioning

What is a Chilled Water System (CWS) with fancoils

CWS Chilled   Water marine air conditioning systems

A marine chiller system uses a sea water condenser to cool (or heat) a fresh water circuit that is piped around the boat to fan coils (air handlers) to transfer the cool or heat to each specific cabin or area of the boat as required.

  • The chiller consists of a compressor, a sea water cooled condenser and an evaporator to transfer the cold (or heat when working in reverse cycle) from the refrigerant to the fresh water circuit.
  • The fresh water connects the chiller to the fan coils (air handlers) circulated by a pump.
  • The fan coils draws cold from the chilled water circuit through the copper coil aluminium finned heat exchanger and distribute it through the cabin areas using super quiet blowers.
  • The temperature is controlled using a Vega digital controller and with an optional water valve and strip heater they provide complete climate control for each specific area of the vessel.

Marine Chilled Water Air Conditioning system

Marine Chilled Water Air Conditioning systems (CWS) are considered the best and most efficient AC systems for boats for several reasons:

  • With the chiller located in the engine room or engineering space, it minimises the noise of the system in the living spaces of the boat
  • The AC system can be set up to optimise your boat’s specific cooling or heating needs
  • Highly efficient – lower electricity consumption and a reduced peak electrical load. Using Climma’s inverter driven chillers removes the start load from the chiller and with the option to run in reduced power eco mode makes it a very efficient option
  • All Climma chillers use the latest environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • Each air handler controls each specific cabin, can independently cool or heat with the addition of a water valve and electrical strip heater, or be turned off if the cabin is not in use
  • No limitation of the number of fan coils in a system, or distance to each handler giving you huge flexibility allowing chilled water units to be set up from 20,000 to 1,000,000 BTU/h – or boats from 8m to 80m

For more details of the Climma variable power chillers and fancoils go to Chilled Water DC Chillers and Fancoils, or for an example of the system layout and components required download our example schematic

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