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Minibar trouble shooting

FAQ’s technical help and support for a Vitrifrigo minibars

For technical help and support for a Vitrofrigo minibar please see our Frequently Asked Questions or search for the relevant technical documents below.

If this does not diagnose and solve your problem please send us an enquiry using the form below.

Q 1. Is the minibar cooling at all?

Q Is the internal light on?

If there is no internal light check the breaker and that the socket has power. Also check the fuse in the plug to confirm the minibar has the correct power

Q If the internal light is on and the minibar is an absorption unit check the heater at the back of the minibar is hot?

If the heater is hot it is likely that the cooling unit is blocked. Sometimes it is possible to clear a blockage by removing the minibar and turning it upside and leave for 24 hours. Then turn the right way around and plug back in.  If it still does not work you need to replace the cooling unit, or the minibar.

If there is no heat coming from the heater element it is likely it has failed. See link below for replacement elements for Vitrifrigo minibars

If the internal light is on but no cooling the minibar is a compressor type, check the thermostat. The thermostat is a switch and when the fridge needs to cool the thermostat circuit needs to be closed, You can test the thermostat with a meter to confirm you have continuity through the thermostat or you simply bridge the thermostat wires to link the thermostat out.

Q 2. Does the minibar not get cold enough or run for excessive periods?

Q Is the ventilation correct?

Minibars need excellent ventilation to operate effectively.  You need to allow a minimum of 300cm2 of ventilation in and out.  It is also very important that you have ventilation higher than the cooling unit so you do not trap hot air behind the cooling unit. IF you think you have a ventilation issue remove the minibar from the cabinet and run it freestanding in the middle of a room and see if the performance improves.

Q Does the minibar run excessively with heavy ice build up?

Your minibar cabinet may need attention.  If the cabinet is not completely air tight moisture in the air will freeze on to the evaporator plate causing it to ice up excessively.  This in turn will insulate the plate and prevent the fridge from reaching the correct temperature.  Thoroughly defrost the cabinet, check the door seals and check any other areas where air can get in to the cabinet (drains and where the pipes exit the box for example) – for further details see our Cabinet Check List

Q Does the compressor run excessively or continually with no significant build up of frost on the evaporator?

If the compressor is running excessively or continuously then it may a lack of refrigerant.  With the compressor running, you can do check to see if there is refrigerant in the evaporator by licking your finger and touching the plate. Correctly charged your finger should stick to the plate all over.  If this is not the case contact us – [email protected]


Q3. Does the minibar run too cold?

If your minibar is too cold the most likely cause of the problem will be the thermostat. There are three possible reasons:-

1. The thermostat is not set correctly

Adjust the thermostat down to its lowest setting and see if the temperature in the fridge rises accordingly.  If there is no change in the temperature then check the probe or the thermostat is likely to be faulty.

2. The probe is not sensing correctly

Th minibar thermostat has a capillary sensing probe and this must be touching the evaporator plate.  There is normally a clip or clamp to hold the probe in position.  Confirm that the end of the probe is touching the evaporator.  If it is not touching it will sense the temperature from the air in the box, not the plate and the evaporator plate will run too cold.

3. The thermostat is faulty

If you have checked steps 1 & 2 above then the thermostat is likely to be faulty and will need to be replaced.


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