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Penguin Refrigeration unveils Vitrifrigo’s new product innovations

Penguin Refrigeration, Europe’s leading supplier of specialist marine refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, announces a suite of new refrigeration products and technological innovations by Vitrifrigo.

Vitrifrigo, a leading Italian marine refrigeration brand, today unveils its industry innovation to the UK as it welcomes the Nano NextGen Compressor. The Nano NextGen Compressor will be integrated into Penguin Refrigeration’s existing C51 fridge model, this will be the first product of many to be compatible with the new compressor technology.


Nano NextGen Compressor

The Nano NextGen Compressor is the world’s most efficient, purpose-made mobile compressor, leading the way for the industry with 44% improved efficiency in comparison to compressors that are currently in the market. The compact design is 40% smaller than competing compressors, providing considerable space savings, along with a 67% lighter construction, weighing only 1.4kg.

Tailor-made for mobile cooling, the industry-first technology significantly extends operation time and gives customers the option to select a sustainable power source, via battery or solar integration – the ideal solution for outstanding off-grid performance. The new compressors offer full protection against electromagnetic interference, as well as improved acoustic comfort, and reduced noise and vibration.



Comprising the new Nano NextGen Compressor, Penguin Refrigeration’s C51 is the first CHROMELOCK fridge to integrate innovative technology for maximum performance and efficiency. The C51 with the Nano NextGen Compressor ensures optimum performance, market-leading efficiency, and increased accessibility for remote road trips via the easy plug-and-play solar power, off-grid operation.

The C51 will be available to consumers from March onwards. Following the launch of the C51 with Nano NextGen Compressors, the latest technology will then be rolled out across the Vitrifrigo range, on all fridges up to 130litres.



Complimenting the Nano NextGen Compressor, Penguin Refrigeration will also be displaying Vitrifrigo’s SLIM90i, an expansion of the SLIM90 – a customer favourite in the SLIM refrigeration series – with an integral compressor option for consumers, to mount the compressor unit underneath the fridge.

Vitrifrigo’s SLIM series, which comes with a unique set of features to cater to the ever-growing demands of the marine industry,

welcomes its latest addition – the SLIM90i – with the ability to customise the position of the compressor below the refrigeration unit, for further space savings.


Finally, the C115D joins the lineup, with an innovative top bracket adaptor to fit with the same insertion sizes as common three-way refrigeration models, for simplifying retrofitting and replacement.


Chris Feibusch, Marketing Director of Penguin Refrigeration adds, “I am excited to support our valued Italian partner, Vitrifrigo, in the UK unveiling of their exciting new products and technological advancements.

“The case for moving away from three-way compressor technology has never been more compelling, and with the launch of our new Nano NextGen Compressor, we’re delighted to offer refrigeration integrations for the highest efficiency, performance, and sustainability in the sector.”


The exclusive UK supplier of Vitrifrigo, Frigoboat and Climma, Penguin Refrigeration is the industry’s leading bespoke, technical refrigeration brand for luxury yachts, superyachts, and boats.

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