Freezer Evaporator EVSB 271 ceiling mounted 1,7 KW, Max Vol = 6.9m3


Ceiling mounted, Freezer evaporator, with a maximum volume using R404a of: 6.9

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Part Number: 1CEPEVSB271ED
Dimensions: 170mm (h) x 861mm (w) x 435mm (d)


The EVS range of blown air evaporators suitable for large fridges or freezers and walk in cold rooms. EVS271 (1,7 KW) ceiling mounted evaporator is a reduced height unit ideal for marine applications where space is a premium. Includes defrost heater and drain pan.

The EVS evaporator range is suitable for ceiling mounting, optional wall mounting available.

Key Features:

  • High quality marine grade magnesium aluminium alloy with a smooth finish
  • EVS (fridge) for higher temperatures (> 12 °C), with 3, 5/7 mm dual fin spacing and electrical defrost
  • EVS/B (freezer) for lower temperatures (> 25 °C), with 4,5/9 mm dual fin spacing and electrical defrost. Equipped with internal drip tray and a junction box (IP 54) for the wiring of the fan motors and for the possible electric heaters
  • (ED) Equipped with stainless steel heaters with vulcanised terminals pre-set for 230/1/50 – 60hz connection
  • The entire range is equipped with high efficiency coils made from special profile aluminium fins and copper tube, suitable for new generation refrigerants
  • The standard fans motors, employed have the following features: diameter 200mm, single – phase 230V/1/50-60Hz and fibreglass charge polyamide fan guard
  • o diameter 230 mm, single-phase 230V/1/50-60Hz and fibreglass charge polyamide fan guard
  • o IP 42 protection grade
  • o Class B insulation
  • o Internal thermal contact protection
  • o Operating temperature -35 °C / +40 °

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Check capacity of evaporator against cold room
  • Check dimensions allowing for free air flow in front of unit and below
  • Check drain position for gravity thread exit

Additional parts that may be required

  • Expansion valve
  • Correct size orifice
  • Drain heater – freezer only

Spare parts & support

  • Drain heaters
  • Expansion valves
  • Fans
  • Orifices

Technical Information

Weight 13.80 kg
Dimensions 170mm (h) x 861mm (w) x 435mm (d)
Nominal Capacity (Kw)




Max volume using R404a


Fan Consumption


Defrost Consumption


Connection in

1/2 SAE

Connection out


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