New Style Handles MS Custom Boxes 21cm check with customer


Part Number: 1G53340


New style stainless steel handle ONLY used on Frigoboat MS series fridge and freezer cabinets from 2015 onwards.

Like for like replacement on all Frigoboat MS fridge and freezer cabinets produced after 2015. If you are looking to replace the standard handle used prior to 2015 (part no: 1G51235) then use our part number 1G53550 which is a new style handle and kit complete with all necessary brackets and striker required to fit the current handle to older cabinets.

Key Features:

  • High quality stainless steel
  • New MS Ergo handles
  • Easy to install

Direct Replacement for

  • Original manufacturers replacement part
  • Note if you are replacing the old style handle (part no: 1G51235) use part code 1G55350 for the complete kit

Key Checks Before Purchase

    Check design of handle against photos (download data sheet)

Technical Information

Weight 1 kg


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