Replacement anode for keel coolers (Note: you need to order 2x Anodes per keelcooler)


Frigoboat, Replacement anode for Frigoboat keelcoolers. Note: they are now sold as single anodes so you need to order 2 Anodes per keelcooler

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Part Number: 1E51525


Replacement zinc anodes for Frigoboat keel cooler (sold individually). For details on how best to remove and replace your anodes go to Anode removal and replacement

Replacement zinc anodes for all Frigoboat keel cooler heat exchangers. Suitable for the following keel coolers: 1E50361Z, 1E50362Z, 1E50722Z, 1E50723Z (2x anodes per keelcooler needed).

Key Features:

  • Protects the fridge system from electrolysis (corrosion)
  • High quality zinc anodes
  • Original manufacturers part
  • Keel cooler anodes should be replaced annually. Always remove and reinstall even if no wear (please see spec sheet for more details)
  • Fit the new anodes using the retaining screws with a small amount of silicone or vaseline on the thread only. Ensure they are tight.

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • When ordering anodes check to see if the anode retaining screws need to be replaced (sold separately)

Technical Information

Weight 0.125 kg


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