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Selecting the correct options for your ice maker

Selecting the correct options for your ice maker

Select cabinet voltage

Vitrifrigo ice maker cabinets are available as 230V AC 50/60Htz, 115V 60Htz or 12V DC.

Door type and hinge options?

All Vitrifrigo ice makers have 316 brushed stainless steel doors.  They can be left or right hinged (supplied right hinge as standard) but easy to change. There are two options of fitting frame: the standard fitting frame fits to the edge of the cabinet with the door proud and a pin stop catch, or the flush frame which fits flush to the front of the door with slam latch catch with vent position.

Both options have a vent position to allow the ice maker to air when not in use – this is very important to prevent the ice maker mechanism from failing from a build-up of moisture when not in use.

Type: Mains water fed or refill?

Vitrifrigo full height ice makers have the option of being either:

a. Mains water fed, where the ice maker is plumbed directly into the vessels or vehicles freshwater system.

b. Refill, where ice is produced from an 8 litre internal water tank.

How much ice will it produce?

Vitrifrigo AC power ice makers (115V or 230V) will produce 1 cycle of 12 ice cubes every 30 to 40 minutes (approx).  This is up to a maximum of 8kg in 24 hours.

Vitrifrigo DC 12V ice makers will produce 1 cycle of 8 ice cubes every 50-60 minutes (approx).  This is up to a maximum of 4kg in 24 hours.

Tips on installation & ventilation?

All ice makers must be supported/sited on a solid base and the fitting frame is for location and securing only and is not load bearing.

The ice makers vent through the front grills. It is therefore extremely important that these ventilation grills are clear and unobstructed to allow enough air flow for the unit to work effectively.

If a door is fitted in front of the ice maker a grill must be fitted to match the ventilation grills of the ice maker, otherwise hot air will be trapped between the door and the ice maker causing condensation and reducing operating efficiency.

Please allow for some air circulation around back of cabinet. It is important to leave open space around the back of the cabinet, ideally with a high up vent out of the furniture unit to allow air to circulate.

Recommended Grill Sizing

Min air in Front 36 cm SQ

Min Air out front 36 cm SQ

Front grill total 72 cm SQ (air In and out)

Rear Grill 10 cm SQ

After it has been installed, the ice maker will run an empty cycle and then produce ice during all subsequent cycles. The first cubes will be dispensed after approximately 1 hour.

The machine is equipped to operate at a water pressure of between 1 and 3 bar.  Make sure the water mains supply drinking water and that the pressure of the water is sufficient to produce between 120 – 135g of ice per cycle (the optimum pressure is 2 bar).


Whenever the ice maker is turned the inside must be cleaned and thoroughly dried and when not in use the ice maker must be left with the door in the ‘Vent’ position or ajar to allow air to circulate and avoid condensation causing damage to the internal mechanism.

If you are winterising the ice maker shut off the water supply and drain the water from the solenoid valve and the internal pipework to avoid any possibility of frost damage.



Have you thought about drawer fridges?

Take a look at the Vitrifrigo D20 and D30 drawer fridges. These are packed with features including the ability to run as freezers. For more information email us at [email protected] or call: 02392 453430