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Oyster Commissioning

Oyster Commissioning

OYSTER 475, 675, 745 & 885 SINGLE CABINET FRIDGE OR FREEZER – Carel/Evco, 1 x Comp, Water or Air Cooled

OYSTER 475, 675, 745 & 885 SINGLE CABINET

OYSTER 475, 675, 745 & 885 SINGLE CABINET Commissioning form

Oyster 565/595 Fridge Freezer (Double Cabinet)- Carel/Evco, 2x comp, (1x Keel & 1x Pump)
Oyster 565/595 Fridge Freezer Commissioning Form

Oyster 675/745/885 Freezer Cabinet- Carel/Evco, 2 x  Water Pump Cooled Comp
MS700 Stainless steel marine fridge freezer 230V 50/60Htz

Oyster 675/745/885 Freezer commissioning form

Oyster 565/595/885 Fridge Cockpit FridgeCockpit commissioning form

Oyster 495/675/745 Cockpit Fridge Components OnlyComponent cockpit commissioning form

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Have you thought about drawer fridges?

Take a look at the Vitrifrigo D20 and D30 drawer fridges. These are packed with features including the ability to run as freezers. For more information email us at [email protected] or call: 02392 453430