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Marine Air Conditioning Special Offers

Up to 40% off Climma Marine Air Conditioning Units

Penguin Refrigeration are offering excellent deals on certain Climma Marine Air Conditioning products. If you are thinking of fitting marine air conditioning  to your boat then look at the offers available on the Penguin Refrigeration website. With up to 40% off Climma compact units there are some real deals to be had.  If you are unsure exactly what you need to fit AC to your boat or require help with the system layout, Penguin can provide a detailed specification and quote for you.  All that is required is confirmation of the boat type and size, a rough floor plan to confirm the size of unit required plus any basic layout details that you have.

Climma Marine Air Conditioning is Straight forward to fit

Climma equipment is easy to fit, very reliable in operation and straight forward to maintain and service.  The key factors to consider when looking at installing a marine air conditioning system are:

1. Find a dry location to site the unit that is tucked away, but where you can easily duct the air to the delivery grill and also get good return air back to the air intake grill.  Good locations for sleeping cabins include under the berth or in the base of a wardrobe.  You can also locate the unit in the the lazzarette which will reduce the noise in the cabin, but to do this ideally you will need to box it in and then duct the air in and back from the sleeping cabin.  In the main saloon under the seating is normally the best place to site the marine air conditioning.
2. Locate the air delivery grills as high as possible – you are looking to project cold air across the ceiling of the cabin so the whole area is cool.  Low down outlets simply freeze your toes.
3. Keep the duct runs as short as possible and make sure the duct is straight and tight (not sagging).
4. It is just as important to get return air to your marine air conditioning unit.  Make sure that the air intake of the unit is not obstructed and there is a minimum 50mm gap between the intake and any bulkhead.  Climma supply air intake grills or you can relieve the wood work, create a slot or overhang to make sure you have sufficient air returning.
5. The marine air conditioning unit is sea water cooled and requires a sea water pump to circulate the water through the unit.  The sea water pump must be located below the water line close to the intake as they are not self priming. Penguin advise having a dedicated outlet for each ac unit onboard so you can easily confirm that there is sufficient cooling water going through the condenser on each marine air conditioning unit installed.
6. Run the electrics making sure you have dedicated breakers for the AC (and pump if running multiple units) and you are done.

Typical Marine Air Conditioning Layout

So if you are interested in finding out more information look at the marine air conditioning offers on the site or get a detailed quote from us by contacting Zeb or Ian for more details.

For further information on installing a Climma marine  air conditioning system follow the link to the Climma Compact installation manual

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