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Penguin Refrigeration unveils Vitrifrigo’s new product innovations

Penguin Refrigeration, Europe’s leading supplier of specialist marine refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, announces a suite of new refrigeration products and technological innovations by Vitrifrigo.

Vitrifrigo, a leading Italian marine refrigeration brand, today unveils its industry innovation to the UK as it welcomes the Nano NextGen Compressor. The Nano NextGen Compressor will be integrated into Penguin Refrigeration’s existing C51 fridge model, this will be the first product of many to be compatible with the new compressor technology.


Nano NextGen Compressor

The Nano NextGen Compressor is the world’s most efficient, purpose-made mobile compressor, leading the way for the industry with 44% improved efficiency in comparison to compressors that are currently in the market. The compact design is 40% smaller than competing compressors, providing considerable space savings, along with a 67% lighter construction, weighing only 1.4kg.

Tailor-made for mobile cooling, the industry-first technology significantly extends operation time and gives customers the option to select a sustainable power source, via battery or solar integration – the ideal solution for outstanding off-grid performance. The new compressors offer full protection against electromagnetic interference, as well as improved acoustic comfort, and reduced noise and vibration.



Comprising the new Nano NextGen Compressor, Penguin Refrigeration’s C51 is the first CHROMELOCK fridge to integrate innovative technology for maximum performance and efficiency. The C51 with the Nano NextGen Compressor ensures optimum performance, market-leading efficiency, and increased accessibility for remote road trips via the easy plug-and-play solar power, off-grid operation.

The C51 will be available to consumers from March onwards. Following the launch of the C51 with Nano NextGen Compressors, the latest technology will then be rolled out across the Vitrifrigo range, on all fridges up to 130litres.



Complimenting the Nano NextGen Compressor, Penguin Refrigeration will also be displaying Vitrifrigo’s SLIM90i, an expansion of the SLIM90 – a customer favourite in the SLIM refrigeration series – with an integral compressor option for consumers, to mount the compressor unit underneath the fridge.

Vitrifrigo’s SLIM series, which comes with a unique set of features to cater to the ever-growing demands of the marine industry,

welcomes its latest addition – the SLIM90i – with the ability to customise the position of the compressor below the refrigeration unit, for further space savings.


Finally, the C115D joins the lineup, with an innovative top bracket adaptor to fit with the same insertion sizes as common three-way refrigeration models, for simplifying retrofitting and replacement.


Chris Feibusch, Marketing Director of Penguin Refrigeration adds, “I am excited to support our valued Italian partner, Vitrifrigo, in the UK unveiling of their exciting new products and technological advancements.

“The case for moving away from three-way compressor technology has never been more compelling, and with the launch of our new Nano NextGen Compressor, we’re delighted to offer refrigeration integrations for the highest efficiency, performance, and sustainability in the sector.”


The exclusive UK supplier of Vitrifrigo, Frigoboat and Climma, Penguin Refrigeration is the industry’s leading bespoke, technical refrigeration brand for luxury yachts, superyachts, and boats.

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Penguin Refrigeration announces unveiling of its partner’s product launches and leading innovations at this year’s METSTRADE

METSTRADE | 15 – 17 November 2023 | Stand 12.420 and 02.301

Penguin Refrigeration, Europe’s leading supplier of specialist marine refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, announces a suite of new products by Veco and Vitrifrigo at this year’s METSTRADE, on stands 12.420 and 02.301.

Penguin Directors, Zeb Elliott and Chris Feibusch will be on hand at METSTRADE, supporting their partners Vitrifrigo (stand 12.240) and Veco (stand 02.301) as each company launches a range of new products; from high-performance and low-consumption customisable refrigeration options to compact air conditioning units and sustainable solutions.

Chris Feibusch, Marketing Director of Penguin Refrigeration adds, “I am delighted to join Vitrifrigo and Veco in the unveiling of their exciting new launches and globally renowned product lines at this year’s METSTRADE! I look forward to welcoming show visitors to the Vitrifrigo and Veco stands,12.420 and 02.301, where we will be happy to provide product demonstrations and company insight.”

Veco, pioneer in cutting-edge climate control solutions for the marine environment, is proud to unveil a new addition to the brand’s line of Climma chillers on stand 02.301, the DC90, and its latest innovation – a variable speed Air Handling Unit and extractors line dedicated to marine applications.


Veco DC90

Building upon the success of the renowned Climma variable speed chiller DC line, Veco’s new product launch, the DC90, offers unparalleled efficiency, adaptability, and reliability. With exceptional power and versatility, the model provides variable speed technology, designed with adaptability in mind. The DC90 is available in three power supply options (230/1/50-60, 230/3/50-60, and 400/3/50-60), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of setups. Users can integrate more DC90 units under a centralised control, offering modularity while retaining all the benefits of variable speed technology.

The DC90’s variable speed system allows for seamless modulation of power within a single chiller. Based on the load requirements, the system dynamically adjusts compressor speed, optimising capacity and optimum energy efficiency. This groundbreaking technology not only saves energy but also extends the chiller’s lifespan. The DC90’s water-cooled inverter and ECO function features not only contribute to energy savings, but also reduce the chiller’s overall carbon footprint. The integration of an ECO function ensures that energy is conserved without compromising on performance, making the DC90 an eco-conscious choice.

The DC90 sets new industry standards with its ZERO start current, minimising impact on the power supply and reducing operational costs. Additionally, its reduced compressor starts and stops cycles to enhance durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding conditions. Remarkably compact, the DC90 boasts the smallest footprint on the market, allowing for flexible installation in space-constrained environments.

AHU ControllerVeco’s Air Handling Unit

Veco will also present its new variable speed Air Handling Units (AHU) and extractors, engineered with precision and combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled efficiency, available in three sizes, from 600m3 to 2,000m3. Providing superior airflow and efficiency, thanks to the brand’s brushless high-pressure variable speed fans, the new AHU and extractors are engineered to ensure optimal air distribution in any marine setting. The new Climma AHU Controller interface goes beyond the basics; it not only manages the air handling unit but also integrates extractor control, enhancing the system’s functionality and simplifying operation. Customers can seamlessly connect and control the marine air handling unit through Modbus interface, providing easy integration with remote monitoring systems.

Climma’s new variable speed AHU Controller achieves precise control over ventilation systems with the integrated dampers’ control, allowing users to regulate fire dampers within the same AHU and extractor Climma controller. Optimising energy consumption with the model’s innovative free cooling option, the AHU intelligently utilises external air to cool accommodation areas, significantly reducing energy costs and environmental impact. To make installation easier, Climma has developed a pre-installed 3-way water valve, enabling the monitoring of water flow on bigger models through the included flow meter sensor. Built to withstand the rigors of marine environments, Climma’s variable speed AHU is corrosion-resistant and engineered for durability, ensuring longevity and optimal performance in challenging conditions.

Vitrifrigo, leading Italian marine refrigeration brand, will showcase its leading high efficiency marine refrigeration series on stand 12.420 – the DRW, DRINKS and CRF Series’. Each series comes with a unique set of features to cater to the ever-growing demands in the marine industry. The brand will also have its renowned product lines on the stand, including its innovative icemakers and new water tank, which offers simplified extraction, filling, and washing, with an integrated UV-C LED disinfection system to purify water from bacteria.


Vitrifrigo’s DW62Vitrifrigo’s DRINKS Series is designed to enhance onboard comfort by providing convenient storage for drinks and beverages. The series features a sliding basket on the upper part of the drawer, equipped with a drawer separator for three 2-litre bottles. The DRINKS models, DW62 and DW90, come with an internal LED light system ensuring optimum illumination whilst maintaining minimal energy consumption.

Vitrifrigo’s DRINKS SeriesThe DW62 DRINKS model offers a new digital thermostat to guarantee maximum functionality, customisable to the desired temperature, allowing for a constant cycle of cooling for drinks at +8°C to -4°C. The positioning of the door, either flush or external, is made easy with a stainless-steel fixing profile for improved air circulation and cooling efficiency. Moreover, the refrigerator can be attached to the recessed compartment from the inside, making installation a breeze. The DRINKS Series is a sleek solution with customisable configuration and a luxury interior finish with flexible space management – the ultimate chilling system for beverages. 

DRW Series

Vitrifrigo’s DRW180AThe DRW Series from Vitrifrigo offers exceptional flexibility with temperature control, giving customers the freedom to choose between freezer or refrigerator mode. The DRW180A and DRW70A models will be on show on the stand, featuring a new elegant square profile door design and Steelock handle with a stainless-steel finish. Notably, the Steelock handle includes a “vent position” function to prevent the formation of mold and odours during periods of non-use, while the new sliding drawer guides ensure a gentle and silent movement.

The DRW Series provides interchangeability with previous DW180 and DW70 models and supports a wide range of power supplies, including 12/24Vdc and 12/24Vdc 100-240Vac. The DRW180A and DRW70A maintains an internal temperature of -18°C in freezer mode, and +4°C in refrigeration mode, even in ambient temperatures of up to 43°C, thanks to an efficient ventilation system. The series also features a digital thermostat for precise temperature control and premium interior LED lighting for optimal visibility and minimal energy consumption.

CRF Series

Vitrifrigo’s CFR XRVitrifrigo’s CRF Series is the highly efficient refrigeration solution with precise temperature control, available in two versions, providing optional remote or integrated units. This all-in-one stainless-steel, robust range is designed with the marine market in mind, offering temperature settings from +10°C to -18°C, operated by a LED thermostat. The CRF Series comes in two models, CFR XR and CFR CL, meet boaters’ diverse refrigeration needs. Both models are durable in design, offering a new stylish square edge door and fridge to freezer mode. The CRF XR model is available with a remote compressor unit, as an ideal space-saving solution.

The exclusive UK supplier of Vitrifrigo, Frigoboat and Climma, Penguin Refrigeration is the industry’s leading bespoke, technical refrigeration brand for luxury yachts, superyachts and boats.

To book a meeting with Chris Feibusch, Marketing Director of Penguin Refrigeration at METSTRADE, please contact [email protected] to schedule a slot.

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New 20 litre and 30 litre compact 12 volt drawer fridge freezers from Vitrifrigo

All new compact 12 volt drawer refrigerators from Vitrifrigo are available in two sizes 20 litre and 30 litres and can run as either a fridge between 0-8C or a freezer at -10C .

Vitrifrigo 12 volt drawer fridge or freezer

Versatile use with Compact Dimensions

With dimensions of just 250mm high by 440mm wide and 445mm deep (20 litre drawer excluding the de-mountable compressor – see table below) you can fit a 12 volt compact drawer fridge in the smallest tightest of loactions.  For greater versatility or to optimise your installation the compressor and cooling unit can be removed from the back of the drawer and mounted remotely up to 1.5m from the drawer.  This gives greater flexibility allowing you to locate the drawer where you want it and the compressor in area where there is better ventilation or more sound proofing.

Vitrifrigo 12 volt drawer fridge dimensions

Elegantly styled they are available in either black or white to match your interior styling with a central chrome handle.  They can run as either fridge or freezer with a fridge temperature range of between 8° to 0°C or as a freezer down to -10°C.

The drawer is latched closed using two side catches for greater security, opened using the central chrome handle.  The positive side latches ensure the drawer cannot open even in rough seas or when driving over rough terrain or cornering in a vehicle or motorhome.

Accurate temperature control and super power efficient

Accurate temperature control is via Vitrifrigo’s own electronic thermostat. The thermostat has also has 4 setting for fridge and freezer and a special Night Mode allowing the drawer to run quieter and more economically.

Both the 20 and 30 litre 12 volt fridge drawers use the latest BD35 compressor designed to run on environmentally friendly R600 refrigerant, which is good for both power consumption and the environment.  The cooling unit is an aluminium finned condenser giving the best performance even in high ambient conditions of up to 40°C – typically running as fridge for more than three days on a 100A/h leisure battery in UK summertime.

D20A D30A
Total Volume 20 Litres 30 Litres
Dimensions (excludes compressor) H:250 x W:440 x D:445mm H:250 x W:440 x D:595mm
Colour options Black or White Black or White
Weight 15kg 17kg
Nominal consumption 43.5 W 43.5 W
Price £633.17 (ex VAT) £684.00 (ex VAT)

The new compact drawer fridges and freezers will be in stock from October 2021

Introducing the all new Flostream Micro HIFLO10 water filter

The Flostream Micro HIFLO10 water filter has been specifically designed to suit the needs of caravans, motorhomes and service vehicles. Designed to be as compact as possible, the Flostream Micro HIFLO 10 provides a mighty 10 litres per minute flow rate of fresh and clean filtered water.

Using a water filter in caravans, motorhomes, and other service vehicles such as horseboxes and welfare vehicles avoids the need to carry single use plastic water bottles to ensure clean and fresh water.  Until now, many water filters, have simply been too large to fit into the small spaces available in touring vehicles.

Flostream micro drinking water filter

The Flostream Micro HIFLO 10 uses three stage multi-media filters which removes all impurities down to 10 microns.  For comparison, a human hair is 50 microns in diameter, and anything below 40 microns is invisible to the human eye.

The sophisticated Flostream filters ensure that all chlorine taste and bad odour is removed, as well as heavy metals and other impurities.  In addition, with its built-in bacteriostatic control, the Flostream removes cyst and harmful bacteria, and prevents any risk of micro-bacterial growth when the water filter is not in use.

The Flostream will significantly improve the taste and quality of water coming from a vehicle’s water tank, no matter how long the water has been stored there or how poor the original source of the water.  Using a Flostream also removes limescale, helping keep taps and sinks clean.

The Flostream Micro HiFLO10 measures just 169mm by 133mm which means it is easy to fit into any compact space in a cupboard or under a sink.  The replaceable filter is easy to change, simply by unscrewing the filter from the Flostream body.  Each unit is supplied with a housing bracket, and 0.75 inch British Standard Pipe thread or 15mm push fit piping connector.

Zeb Elliott of Penguin Refrigeration, the UK distributor for Wave’s RV and caravan products, says the new compact Micro HIFLO10 has been developed as a result of customer feedback.  “We are increasingly seeing people wanting to tour further and to more remote spots; and more people wanting to look after the environment and their health by avoiding single use plastics whilst at the same time, being aware of the quality of the water they are drinking.  Flostream filters have been proven to provide excellent fresh tasting and safe water, but have been difficult to fit onboard the smaller camper vans and mobile homes.  Now this compact Micro HIFLO10 provides the solution our customers have been waiting for.  It will filter out all the bad stuff and deliver great tasting clean drinking water even at flow rates of up to 10 litres per minute.”

Costing from £105 inc VAT, the Flostream Micro HIFLO10 is manufactured from Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and NSF International (Food, Safety and Quality in the UK) certified components, and can withstand temperature ranges from 4-45 degrees centigrade.  To order go to MICRO Hiflo10 Flostream Water Filter

For replacement cartridges go to Flostream Micro HIFLO10 filters (cost £41.25 inc VAT).

25% discount on any Campervan or Motorhome 12 volt fridge

Huge thanks to everyone who came to see us at the National Motorhome & Campervan Show at Peterborough this weekend.
Thanks too to Jerba Campervans for lending us the fantastic Tiree campervan, colour coded to match our solar fridge display it proved to be a real head turner.

The weather was hot hot hot – hitting 40 degrees C on Friday! and we were delighted that the full C51i fridge fitted in the Tiree ran happily all weekend with the 100W solar panel fitted on the roof providing more than enough power to the batteries to keep the fridge running with lots of ice for our drinks!  Although it was almost too hot at times, the weather really allowed us to show how well Vitrifrigo fridges perform, especially in tropical conditions.

Vitrifrigo 12 volt campervan motorhome fridges

Also on display for the first time was Vitrifrigo’s all new TL43 12 volt top opening fridge/freezer.  Designed to fit in a 400mm work top it is ideal for side kitchen units in campervans.  It proved to be a perfect fit on the Evo Design VW T6 short wheel base kitchen, infact it looked like it had been designed for the job.  The Vitrifrigo TL43 has all the latest features and extras: including easy to access salad and fresh vegetable storage, full height bottle storage, an internal LED light, digital temperature control from +10 to -10C with Vitirifrigo’s night mode and turbo mode, plus inside out fixings and an internal drain – it proved a real hit.
It was also perfectly displayed and a perfect fit in the EVO Design VW T6 short wheel base kitchen unit – a winning combination for any one looking to convert their van.  The TL43 will be available to pre-order from September.

Evo Design kitchen witrifrogo 12 volt top opening fridge Vitrifrigo 12 Volt top opening fridge

For all those who had to go and measure up or check dimensions to confirm the space for their new Vitrifrigo fridge you can still get the show offer price up to the end of August.  Just use the code MHCVSHOW-Vitrifrigo2020 to get 25% discount on any mortorhome or campervan 12 volt fridge, fridge freezer or portable.

Penguin Refrigeration COVID–19 Update

12v fridge

Penguin Refrigeration Ltd remains open and able to dispatch goods and will continue to do so while our couriers are still collecting.

Our staff are working from home ensuring they are safe and we are following the Governments Stay at Home directive, so if you need technical help please email [email protected] or use the Live Chat and we will be happy to help.

Our office lines are live 8.30 -5pm Monday to Friday +44 (0)2392 453430

We have also introduced the option to Pay on Dispatch. This allows you to place an order without us taking any payment. We will then email you to confirm exactly when we can ship your order to you and once confirmed by email we will send you a pro-forma invoice for payment (no goods will be dispatched without payment first)


Have you thought about drawer fridges?

Take a look at the Vitrifrigo D20 and D30 drawer fridges. These are packed with features including the ability to run as freezers. For more information email us at [email protected] or call: 02392 453430