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Wild camping with a 12 volt compressor fridge throughout Southern Europe

Is it possible to wild camp with a 12 volt compressor fridge in Southern Europe?

Mark Vose had his Citreon Relay converted by Affordable Van Conversions (AVC) in Somerset and after considerable research and investigation opted for a Vitrifrigo 12 volt compressor fridge over the traditional 3 Way.  After a summer spent touring throughout Europe, right down through southern Italy and across to Croatia we caught up with him at the recent Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC to get his first hand feedback on the performance of the fridge.

“We spent six months touring Europe in our Citroen Relay campervan conversion.  On the advice of others we had a 12 volt compressor fridge fitted rather than a three way fridge because we were spending a lot of time in hot countries and we planned to wild camp a lot of the time where we could not be sure we would always be able to level the van.

We were so pleased with our ninety litre Vitrifrigo fridge (C85i).  It holds a huge amount of food and drink, more than enough for two people on a long term basis.  With a 100 watt solar panel we could keep the fridge going for three or four days without plugging into the mains and in fact as we were touring around and never stayed in one place for more than three nights we had only three occasions when we had to plug into the mains in six months.

Although we were initially worried about the possible noise of a 12 volt compressor fridge, this proved not to be a problem despite the fact that I slept with my head next to it.  We are very pleased with our choice and have recommended your products to many campervan owners we met on our travels.”

Vitrifrigo 12 volt compressor fridge

The Vose’s Citreon Relay converted by AVC.  You can find more details on their conversions at:

Vitrifrigo 12V fridge

For more information on Vitrifrigo 12 volt compressor fridges, including tips to set up your system to run from solar power, follow the link below to our website or call the Penguin team on 02392 453430.

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