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Healthy and tasty drinking water with Wave Flostream water filters

Many motorhome users carry bottled water or bulky water storage containers for their fresh drinking water rather than using the tank and tap.  This is often because water from the vehicle’s tank tastes bad, and also has the risk of containing bacteria and bugs.

Now there’s a solution with the Flostream water filter.  Simply by fitting the water filter between the water tank and the tap, the Flostream cartridge removes all major contaminants from the water including lead and other heavy metals, chlorine and chlorine by-products, cyst and other harmful bacteria. With its built-in bacteriostatic control, the Flostream will prevent any risk of micro-bacterial growth when the water filter is not in use.  The Flostream also removes limescale, helping keep taps and sinks clean.

Flostream drinking water filter

Motorhome enthusiast Malcolm Lawrence recently fitted a Flostream into his van conversion.  He said, “We now drink the water direct from our tank, no more carrying water containers, storing them or having to buy bottled water when abroad.   Additionally, it removes the anxiety about the quality of the water. The taste of the filtered water has no chemical taste whatsoever.  We even notice that when we have been away for a month, the water from the tap at home is definitely not as good.”

Flostream install example

Zeb Elliott of Penguin Refrigeration, the UK distributor for Wave International products, says the Flostream’s filter is certified to NSF 42 and 53 standards to ensure that all chlorine taste and bad odour is removed via the replaceable filter.  Depending on quantity of use, the filter only needs changing once a year and as a compact unit, can be located in an easily accessible cupboard.  “While there are other filters currently available, the Flostream is the only one in this sector certified to NSF 42 and 53 health and aesthetic standards.  It is the only filter that removes limescale as well as providing KDF inhibition and reducing heavy metals.  It’s also available in both 3,800 and 7,600 litre capacity,” says Zeb.

“Using a Flostream filter avoids the health dangers associated with drinking water from plastic bottles that contain Bisphenol A and phthalates.  Users also save money on the cost of bottled water and help the environment by reducing plastic waste,” he continues.

Costing from £70, the Flostream comes in two compact sizes.  The Flow2 is 265mm tall by 85mm diameter and delivers two litres per minute.  The larger Flostream HiFlo10 is 390mm by 110mm diameter delivers ten litres per minute.   Simple to install with twist lock head and 10mm, 12mm or 15mm push fit connections make the Flostream water filters ideal for boats, motor homes, campervans and welfare vehicles.

The Flostream drinking water filers are in stock and can be shipped out in 48 hours. See the full product spec or buy now by clicking below.

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For more information contact Alice Driscoll, Consulting Partners, Tel +44 (0) 7971 019377 or email [email protected]  To download his resolution images of the Flostream products follow the link Download images for print

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