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Vitrifrigo’s new super efficient 12 volt top loading fridge

Vitrifrigo top opening motorhome fridge

With Vitrifrigo’s market leading power consumption the new TL43 top opening 12 volt fridge will run for 3 days plus on a standard 100a/h leisure battery.  Ideal for wild camping able to run from 100W solar panel 24/7 in UK summer time.

Designed for the campervan market the TL43 top opening fridge is perfect for camper kitchens with 380-400mm depth work tops.  The compressor is sited at one end to allow it sit over the wheel arch on side kitchens.  The TL43 also features Vitrifrigo’s aluminium finned cooling unit for market leading power consumption running for 3 plus days on a 100a/h battery.  Packed with lots of great features including digital temperature control of +10°C to -10°C with Vitrifrigo’s innovative Membrane LED Thermostat; a fast cool turbo mode and a reduced power and super quiet night mode.  Designed for storage of full height bottles there are also two FDA approved storage containers for salads and perishables to keep everything organised in the fridge.

Key features:

  • Able to run as fridge or freezer
  • Digital thermostat with temperature control from +10°C to -10°C
  • Turbo mode for fast chill to achieve temperature set point quicker
  • Night mode for minimum noise level and reduced power consumption
  • Internal LED light
  • Smart storage for large and small bottles with FDA approved food storage containers
  • Inside out fixings and concealed lid fixings for easy installation
  • Removable lid seal
  • External drain
  • Option to remote mount the compressor up to 1.5mt
Vitrifrigo top opening 12 volt fridge
Initially the Vitrifrigo TL43 is exclusively available from Evo Motion Design and will be in stock from 19th November see their website for details:


See the full product spec:

Details of the TL43 fridge freezer

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