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Super cool and cost-efficient: Penguin Refrigeration launches new solution for boats and motorhomes

Europe’s leading supplier of specialist refrigeration solutions for the marine and vehicle market, Penguin Refrigeration, has launched the latest refrigeration innovation by Vitrifrigo in the UK market – the top loading TL35.

TL35Fine-tuned to deliver optimum efficiency, the TL35 features a fast-cooling mode with an internal temperature range of +10°C to +1°C. The advanced turbo cooling system is navigated via the model’s simple-to-use, membrane LED digital thermostat and also features a night mode for lower noise levels and reduced energy consumption.

TL35 openCrafted by international leaders in the industrial refrigeration market, Vitrifrigo, the new top loading system is expertly designed to offer versatile refrigeration in compact areas of a boat or motorhome. The development of the TL35 offers space-saving solutions whilst optimising cooling capacity, noise and power consumption.

As the UK exclusive suppliers of Vitrifrigo, Penguin Refrigeration is the industry’s leading bespoke, technical refrigeration brand for luxury yachts, boats and motorhomes.

Chris Feibusch, Marketing Director at Penguin Refrigeration, comments, “We are excited to launch Vitrifrigo’s latest addition to its top loader range. The TL35 features quiet-running, cost-saving and energy-efficiency, all in a compact fridge. This model meets the demand for sleek, sustainable and super-efficient solutions for smaller boat and campervan models. Like all of the products in the Vitrifrigo range, the TL35 cools faster and lasts longer!”

Vitrifrigo 12 24V DC compressor front openingVitrifrigo Export Manager, Michele Marchionni, adds, “It’s an exciting time at Vitrifrigo right now with lots of product development going on. The development of the TL35 was as a direct result of listening to the needs of our customers and we are very pleased to be bringing this to the market. Keep following us to find out about more new products being added to the range.”

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