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Fitting a Flostream Drinking Water filter for great tasting water on the move – and tea!

Having recently purchased a used Alexander Horsebox with a small living area which included a fresh water tank and pump feeding a small sink and hob it soon became clear we needed a drinking water filter if we were to be able to drink the water straight from the tank.  Initially we cleaned the tank and tried making tea from the water and to be honest it was not great.  The tea had a frothy scum on the top and a distinct taste of plastic.   So, we either needed to revert to bottled water or fit a drinking water filter.  I am not a fan of single use plastic bottled water and their serious impact on our environment and planet, so a drinking water filter was the only real choice and happily the Flostream Micro Hiflo 10 was an ideal fit below the seating close to the tank and the water pump.

The first thing I needed to do was confirm the pipe diameter used for the drinking water system on the vehicle.  Like most, Alexander had used the 12mm o/d semi flexible push fit pipe and connectors.  the good news is that Penguin Refrigeration supply the Micro Hiflo 10 with 12mm push fit adapters so all I needed was a short length of 12mm hose (sourced from Ebay) and I was ready to install my new filter.  The filter mounts on a stainless bracket, once I decided where I wanted to fit the filter I mounted the bracket and then fitted the water filter making sure I used plenty of PTFE on the threads of the push fit connectors into the body of the water filter.  Then I disconnected the outlet from the pump and routed the pipe to the new water filter and then from the water filter back to the connection to the water system and the sink and tap.  It was very straight forward and everything was fitted and working within an hour.

Most importantly did it make a difference? Wow, what a difference! We now have crystal clear drinking water on tap and great tasting tea with no frothy scum.  In fact, it has transformed our use of the horse box and my wife prefers the tea she drinks at events to what we have at home – looks like I will need to fit another filter in our kitchen now too!

For more details of the FloStream Hiflo 10 drinking water filter follow the link below:

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