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Retro-camping in style in this Classic VW Split Screen

Local service center Specialist Motor Caravan Services in Chichester installed our Vitrifrigo Vfree 45 litre 12/24 volt portable fridge freezer in this beautiful old Split Screen.  To cope with the load of the leisure power requirements, which included the fridge, some LED lights, a water pump and stereo, they upgraded the engine start battery to a Varta Pro 75 A/h dual purpose battery (used for both engine starting and for the camper leisure power).  This was charged by a 100W portable solar panel and the engine alternator.

During the VW’s first outing with the Vfree portable 12v fridge, loaded with beer wine and food, it was left on constantly with the temperature set at 4 degrees C from 6pm Friday night to midday Tuesday.  The food and drinks kept perfectly chilled throughout.  This set up allowed the owners to enjoy a relaxing weekend camping completely off grid with just the solar panels topping up the battery.  The battery stayed fully charged ready to start the van when everything was packed up to leave on Monday lunchtime.

By the way we love the awning.

Follow the link for more details of the Vitrifrigo Vfree 12/24 volt 45 litre portable fridge freezers and our  range of 12 volt campervan fridges or check out the Specialist Motor Caravan Services website for more details of their work

Introducing the new Micro Flow 10 drinking water filter

The Flostream Micro HIFLO10 water filter has been specifically designed to suit the needs of caravans, motorhomes and service vehicles. Designed to be as compact as possible, the Flostream Micro HIFLO 10 provides a mighty 10 litres per minute flow rate of fresh and clean filtered water