DW35 – 35 Litre single drawer fridge or freezer (select option)

£1,232.42£2,344.50 (inc VAT)

Stainless drawer refrigerator supplied as either fridge or freezer. The standard configuration is with the air cooled compressor mounted on the back of the cabinet, but can be supplied with couplings with either an air cooled , keelcooled or pump water cooled compressor and condensing set.

Part Number: VFDW35
Dimensions: 253mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 727mm (d) x 727 mm (flush d)


The Ocean stainless drawer fridges and freezers are one of Vitrifrigo flagship products. The elegant design finished in stainless steel throughout is matched by great functionality, excellent access and makes the product aesthetically pleasing. Available in configurations ranging from 35 litres to a generous 300 litres.

DW35 (35 litre) single drawer fridge or freezer is the latest addition to the range. Can be integrated in any type of boat interior making it ideal for fitting under seating in cockpit or small wet bar applications.

Key Features:

  • Available in the following configurations: single drawer larder fridge (no ice box) or singe drawer freezer (select above option)
  • Options for drawer type and finish: brushed S/S door, flush mount frame with S/S sea lock slam latch magnet closure (select above option)
  • Compressor & condenser options: air cooled compressor (remote no couplings as standard) or air-cooled compressor (with couplings) or keel cooler and compressor or pumped sea water compressor (select above option)
  • Compressor voltage: Automatically runs or 12V or 24V, by sensing the input voltage with built in low voltage cut out and high voltage protection. Upgradeable to 12/24V and 110/240V AC 50/60 Htz (select above option)
  • Temperature control using electronic LED thermostat
  • 35 litres of refrigeration capacity

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Check sizing and if there is enough space to mount the compressor behind or if you need to select remote mount with couplings
  • Check and select voltage required

Technical Information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 253mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 727mm (d)x 727 mm
Flush depth







12/24V DC (upgradeable to 12/24 & 110-240V AC)

Nominal Consumption


Average Consumption


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