MS115 – 115 Litre stainless marine drawer fridge

£3,001.55£4,082.20 (inc VAT)

Built to the highest specification, well insulated with internal air circulation fan and heated door seal (select 12V or 24V)

Part Number: 1G60031
Dimensions: 864mm (h) x 480mm (w) x 485mm (d) x 535 mm (flush d)


The MS115 marine drawer fridge is a high-quality stainless-steel cabinet inside and out designed for the toughest marine environments.

The MS115 twin drawer cabinet can be connected to a variation of compressors for air cooled (Northern European) keel cooled and pump water cooled (Mediterranean and Tropics) as standard 12/24V and 110-240V also available.

Key Features:

  • Cabinet voltage – 12V and 24V power for internal light, fan and door heater (select above option)
  • Fridge freezer configuration -twin drawer fridge, cooling using hidden evaporator behind polished stainless wall (select above option)
  • Door type and hinge – brushed stainless steel rolled edge (std option), 316 brushed stainless steel rolled edge (external use) with grab latch catches (select above option)
  • Compressor and condenser – supplied with any Frigoboat air cooled, keel cooled or pump water cooled compressor – (select above option)
  • Compressor voltage – 12 and 24V DC as standard and 12V and 24V DC 110-240V AC 50/60 Htz (select above option)
  • Constructed in stainless steel throughout
  • Polished stainless interior and brushed stainless exterior draw with stainless steel rails
  • Pre-charged 2.8m pipe set supplied on back of cabinet to connect to compressor with re-sealing quick couplings. Extension pipes available up to an additional 6m
  • Insulated with 50mm of polyurethane closed cell foam
  • Magnetic heated door seals with 12V or 24V to prevent condensation
  • Temperature control by internal thermostat
  • Custom upgrades available on request, digital external thermostat and integrated drawer fronts

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Dimensions of cabinet
  • Location of compressor and length of pipes required
  • Voltage of cabinet and compressor
  • Internal or external location

Technical Information

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 864mm (h) x 480mm (w) x 485mm (d)x 535 mm
Flush depth







12/24V DC 110-240V AC 50/60HZ

The following file(s) are available to download:

The following file(s) are available to download:

The following file(s) are available to download:

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