FM100 12/24V Air Cooled Compressor

Frigoboat, FM100 12/24V Air Cooled Compressor,

Recommended maximum volume fridge: 100

Recommended maximum volume freezer: 0

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    Part Number: 1E52270
    Dimensions: 169mm (h) x 200mm (w) x 224mm (d)


    Frigomatic FM100 12/24V air cooled compressor with horizontal forced air aluminium condenser, pre-charged with Frigoboat self sealing couplings.

    Base spec cooling units, the FM range has smaller, non-ducted condensers. 12/24v as standard with optional upgrade to run 12/24v 110/ 240v. Fridges up to 160 litres.

    Key Features:

    • Extremely compact dimensions
    • Supplied with stainless steel bulkhead mounting bracket
    • Copper coil aluminium finned forced air condenser
    • Horizontal condenser configuration
    • Pre-charged with Frigoboat self-sealing couplings
    • Optional 230v automatic mains adaptor
    • Optional speed regulator board allows adjustment from 2,000 – 2,500 rpm

    Direct Replacement for

    • Can replace any condensing set with Frigoboat couplings of the correct capacity
    • Can be used on non Frigoboat systems if the refrigeration engineer brazes the connections

    Key Checks Before Purchase

    • Check evaporator plate is of equal capacity
    • Check refrigerant is R134a
    • Check Couplings are Frigoboat

    Technical Information

    Weight 5.5 kg
    Dimensions 169mm (h) x 200mm (w) x 224mm (d)


    Max Volume Fridge


    Max Volume Freezer




    Min Run Current in Amps (12V)


    Max Run Current in Amps (12V)


    Max Capacity Btu/h


    Refrigerant Charge

    70 gr



    The following file(s) are available to download:

    The following file(s) are available to download:

    The following file(s) are available to download:

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